Having issues with Hog Damage?

Across Fort Bend County communities are experiencing an increase in Hog activity. In Sienna, with the consistent development throughout the neighborhood, hog activity has elevated, and residents are reaching out for help on how to control the issue.

Here are some tips to help:

  • Turn back irrigation settings at your home so the grounds are not so soft and easy to root through.
  • Treat your yard for grubs, worms, insects and reptiles quarterly to eliminate the hog’s food sources.
  • Remove all acorns from your lawn if you have oak trees throughout your property.
  • Make sure you have no standing water in your yard that hogs will use as a drinking or bathing source.
  • Hogs do not like the light at night, something as simple as solar stake lights in the yard have proven to deter hogs from locations.
  • Premixed hog elimination powers and liquids are available at your local hardware and feed stores which can be spread and sprayed throughout residential property.