Motor Vehicles on Levee

The Sienna Plantation Levee Improvement District would like to remind residents that driving motorized vehicles on the levee and trail system is strictly prohibited. The levees and trails are clearly marked with posted signage indicating that motor vehicles are not permitted at these locations. In addition to being illegal, driving on the levee poses risk of injury to both vehicle operators and those persons who are walking/biking on the trail system.

In order to maintain the integrity of the Levee System, it is critical that only authorized vehicles access the levee facilities. SPLID Board of Directors, local Developers and Residents have contacted the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office regarding increased motor vehicle activity and have requested immediate assistance regarding trespassing. The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office will begin patrols that will include issuing citations to violators.

Pursuant to section 49.217 of the Texas Water Code, the use of motorized vehicles on District drainage facilities is prohibited and classified as a Class C misdemeanor for first time offenders and a Class B misdemeanor for repeat offenders. Trespassers will be issued citations if they are found in violation of Section 49.217 of the Texas Water Code. Please note that the safety of our community is directly related to the proper operation and care of our levees, pump stations, and detention areas.

Thank you for your support in maintaining the integrity of our flood control system. If you observe violations of non authorized vehicles on our levees and trails, please contact the Fort Bend County Sheriff Office’s non-emergency number: 281-342-6116.