Drinking Water in Sienna Plantation Safe to Drink

The below is distributed on behalf of SiEnvironmental, the operator of the Sienna water distribution system:

Since 2012, Missouri City has been supplying the majority of the water to Sienna Plantation through their Surface Water Treatment Plant (SWTP) which Sienna supplements with ground water wells during the peak demand in the summer. The Missouri City SWTP is currently out of service for a few weeks for repairs and for expansion of the system’s capacity. During this time, Sienna Plantation is operating on Ground Water Wells as the sole source of water, as was the case from 1997 to 2012.

The drinking water disinfection system or components has not changed in the past 8 years since the surface water plant was completed and started delivering water. The disinfection levels and residuals are checked every day at each water plant and at various locations throughout Sienna Plantation to insure the safety of the water.

A Texas Commission on Environmental Quality representative was onsite February 10th and confirmed the residuals were well within the suggested range for drinking water disinfection. The drinking water in Sienna Plantation continues to be and always has been safe to drink.